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Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTApr 30, 2021 2:22 AM
@mol | anemo fan - Which Sucrose C1+ E cooldown gets reset by Sacrificial Fragments proc? As an author, It is your responsibility to complete the ticket - Take advice constructively - NO disrespectful behavior - The ticket will be scrapped if: No activity > 1 week or open for > 1 mo. - When done, type $close
Theory/Finding/Bug: Title of your submission Evidence: Explanations with calculations and/or Youtube/Imgur proofs Significance: Conclusion
mol | anemo fanApr 30, 2021 2:23 AM
This is my first ticket so let me know if I need to adjust anything. I will try to work on this tomorrow with footage! My impression from tc chat was that people aren't sure which cooldown is reset by sac frags, but i thought it may have already been known
Neptunya, victim of Arte abooseApr 30, 2021 2:23 AM
keqsalute look forward to your findings
Edison | 12-2-2 water zoo fk offApr 30, 2021 2:24 AM
Complete it soon or Nep will HuTaoTriggered
mol | anemo fanApr 30, 2021 5:10 AM
ah no it didn't embed
mol | anemo fanApr 30, 2021 5:19 AM
Title: Sacrificial Fragments with Multiple Skill Stacks - Sucrose Testing Theory/Issue in question: When two or more stacks of skills are on cooldown, and one is reset by an effect like Sacrificial-type weapons, which skill cooldown is reset? Evidence: I cast one Sucrose E, waited until the first cooldown was down to 5s, and cast the second E. A reset occurred, and the time of the second cooldown was ~15s (minus 10% due to anemo resonance in video). So, whatever timer is currently showing is the one which will be reset. Significance: Unlike Sacrificial-type-weapon users with single-cast skills, any serial-cooldown, multi-cast skill user may waste cooldown resets by causing a reset when their first cooldown is near 0s. Since the timer on stacked skills begins with the first skill cast out of the stack, and that skill is the one which is reset (not the longer, still waiting cooldowns), resets can be completely wasted on characters with multiple stacks. For example, with Sucrose it is possible to reset a skill with 0.1s of cooldown remaining, then have a stack of 15s go onto cooldown afterward. To get the most out of the cooldown benefit of sacrificial weapons, characters with multiple stacks might consider using stacks as quickly as possible. As of now, this affects Ganyu, Klee, and Sucrose when using Sacrificial-type weapons, but it may affect future characters or Xiao if new cooldown reset methods are added.(edited)
mol | anemo fanApr 30, 2021 6:01 AM
also please me know if I left any identifying info on there. thanks!
gimmeabreakApr 30, 2021 1:19 PM
looks good! curious if anyone has ganyu c2 to confirm if it works the same w her
Neptunya, victim of Arte abooseApr 30, 2021 2:34 PM
Make sure to upload your video evidence to youtube or imgur, as streamable deletes videos after a period of time
Other than that, looks good!
If you are interested in confirming this works the same with ganyu c2, feel free to hmu to set up a theoryhunt
mol | anemo fanApr 30, 2021 4:20 PM
Nice, thank you. I uploaded to imgur, here's the link embedded
mol | anemo fanApr 30, 2021 4:31 PM
I did some searching around for C2 Ganyu talk on the server to see if any cooldown dynamics had been mentioned (I don't have C2 Ganyu to test), and it turns out Monochrom has C2 Ganyu. Not going to make them test it, but if the editing process requires verification then maybe that will help and prevent us from having to open up a hunt and find volunteer testers with a C2 5*(edited)
Thanks for the help with the process, I have some other things I've been thinking about with the game. Now that I know how to get stuff recorded and uploaded I can contribute more compelling evidence than typing "I tested it" HuTaokek
Let me know if I should do more or if you want me to help set up a C2 Ganyu theoryhunt.
Neptunya, victim of Arte abooseApr 30, 2021 5:36 PM
ill just ping mono
and then we can close
Oh yeah i do
I can try it out later
Neptunya, victim of Arte abooseApr 30, 2021 5:37 PM
AYAYAKA hooray
@gimmeabreak @mol | anemo fan
gimmeabreakMay 1, 2021 2:20 AM
damn mihoyo...
mol | anemo fanMay 1, 2021 2:22 AM
Awesome, looks like it works the same way. I was running around with Sucrose a lot today just trying to see if there was any RNG aspect that MIGHT refresh the longest cooldown, but it never happened. I'm pretty confident it always works the way we have documented.
Well, awesome that it is confirmed in that case too. Bummer that CD refund time can be wasted if you don't cast back to back.
Thanks for doing that!
if thats all thats outstanding
i'd condense everything back into the first post
and ship it
mol | anemo fanMay 1, 2021 2:24 AM
sounds good, I can't think of anything to add
jasMay 1, 2021 4:07 AM
small note - you could add klee to the list of characters this may be relevant for, since she has a multiple-charge e with a very long cooldown. obviously sac frags isn't her best weapon, but it's serviceable, especially if it's your only 4-star catalyst
mol | anemo fanMay 1, 2021 4:18 AM
oh thank you! I did not know that about Klee, but she is actually the most impacted by this since her CD is 20s. I will edit and add that to the original note.
losing ~19s of CD benefit because Sac weapon went off 1s too early is now our worst CD outcome(edited)
buff rat | diona (denmax)May 1, 2021 5:33 AM
buff rat | diona (denmax)May 1, 2021 6:50 AM
Is there anything else to check? Otherwise, you can close this now
mol | anemo fanMay 1, 2021 11:10 PM
The last possible thing I can think of would be to verify that Klee works the same way. Since I don't have Klee, I searched for some C0 gameplay with Sac Frags. At 02:13 in this Youtube run of Oceanid, the player gets a refresh on the second cooldown and the timer goes to another full cooldown - so it appears to work the same way.
Genshin Impact - Solo Klee vs Oceanid (No buffs and heal)
Weapon: Sacrificial fragments Why this weapon? I need more of her elemental skill when dealing with the flying Oceanid birds. I can only attack them with elemental skill and burst. Also, EM substat is good when dealing with Oceanid since all of its summoned animals are naturally hydro, which lets you consistently inflict reverse vaporize to them...
mol | anemo fanMay 3, 2021 5:38 AM
Thanks for all the help, and let me know if there's anything else I can do.
Ayzel | high ping revolutionMay 3, 2021 6:03 AM
i think you can close this now
mol | anemo fanMay 3, 2021 7:09 AM
oh shoot, i'm sorry i didn't see i needed to type that
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTMay 3, 2021 7:10 AM
Ticket Closed by @mol | anemo fan
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Ayzel | high ping revolutionMay 5, 2021 10:39 PM
moving to publishing
and uh
Role shortly luminederp
3b00d_09 | AD or AP Keqing?May 6, 2021 5:08 AM
!role 563936279792844811 Wangsheng Theorycrafter
Keqing's Eternal AssistantBOTMay 6, 2021 5:08 AM
Added Wangsheng Theorycrafter to mol#3280.
miliana | Klee btwMay 7, 2021 2:24 AM
working on pr
Yuehai Ticketing SecretaryBOTMay 7, 2021 2:28 AM
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