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TiBotSat, October 22, 2022, 09:04 PM
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whale roleSat, October 22, 2022, 09:04 PM
Finding: Lumenstone Adjuvant restores 10 Stamina every time it is used (at level 9 and above).

Evidence: In this video, we see that Blooming Light is used 41 times (beginning dash and first use will not be counted, as Stamina will overcap and dash uses extra Stamina). Zhongli is sprinting from 0:09 to 1:39, which is 90 seconds. Sprinting costs 18 Stamina per second, but we have 15% (Anemo Resonance) + 20% (Razor Passive) + 25% (Food) = 60% Stamina reduction. Each second of sprinting costs 18 * 0.4 = 7.2 Stamina per second. Since we are sprinting for 90 seconds, we use 648 stamina. Subtract 240 stamina base and we get 408 Stamina / 41 uses = ~10 Stamina per Blooming Light. In this video, we get down to almost 0 Stamina with Ayaka, and then use Blooming light 24 times to reach max Stamina. ~240 Stamina / 24 uses = ~10 Stamina per Blooming Light.

Significance: Fluff. This passive sucks
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